8 Essential Things You Need To Know About International Dropshipping

February 20, 2020 eCommerce Tips

Dropshipping gives the best opportunity to make money online just by sitting at home and enjoying a cup of coffee. All you need is a PC and a working Internet connection. It is all about your customers purchasing any product online from your store, but you don’t need to have a stock of that particular product or hold any inventory.

A customer makes an order for a product on your store; then, your supplier takes it up from there by shipping the product directly to your customers at their doorstep. In the dropshipping business, you can operate from anywhere; you can sell products internationally without even leaving your home. Here are some essential things about international dropshipping that would be of great value to you.

Market Research

Market research is vital when it comes to international dropshipping. It would be best if you did it, and make sure it’s excellently done. Why? Effective market research gives you some necessary information you need even before you venture into the market.

With market research, you can see the level of competition in your niche. If there are many online stores of the same niche in a country, and you go into the same blindly without proper research, the result might not be pleasant. Hence, the need to research beforehand.

The Countries You Want to Dropship To

You need to know that there are differences in the market and trends of each country. A product might be selling fast in one country, and the order rate in another country might be very low. In international dropshipping, you need to find a way to know which country will actually buy a particular product most and fast.

Google trends can help in this quest, with Google Trends, you can easily evaluate the level of demand for certain items by countries. You just need to type your keywords in the search field and see how people’s interest in the product has been changing. From the results, you’ll know the countries to dropship that particular product of yours too.

Provide a Great Customer Service

You must have been expecting this tip. Well, it’s one thing that you can’t just do without. Whether you’re dropshipping locally or internationally, effective customer service is vital. It is essential to know that when you provide excellent customer service, you give your customers a good impression of your brand. If you don’t, chances are your customers won’t be happy; they might not come back; some might even leave negative feedback on your store.

How to Run Promotional Campaigns

The way you run a promotional campaign for country A can’t be the same way you’ll run for country B. We all know the world is disparate, and every state with its own culture, history, and tradition.

While creating your commercial, you need to put the differences in countries into consideration. You should have a unique approach to each country you target. If you want your advertisement to have the maximum impact on the country, the best thing is to translate it into the local language.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential part of any business. Most of the potential buyers these days will most likely read the review section of a product before ordering. Therefore, whatever is there in this section must be positive enough to convince a visitor to try out your products.

With international dropshipping, you have buyers from different parts of the world. Some customers might have dropped a review in a language that another person from another country might not understand. Translating the reviews to a universal language like English is an excellent way to provide good customer service.

Payment Gateways

This is where the exchange of money for products happens.  Have you come across an item that you want to buy right on the spot without any delay. But you can’t. The store doesn’t accept your credit card, or probably you’ve left your cash at home.

This can sometimes be sad and frustrating. If you don’t want your clients or potential customers to feel the same way, you need to integrate suitable and responsive payment gateways in your online store.

Choosing Suitable Dropshipping Suppliers

You need a very good and reliable supplier when it comes to dropshipping. Remember, they’re the one to handle all the production and shipping of products to your customers. Imagine how disastrous it would be to choose one that delivers late or delivers defective items. Your business could go down for this.

This is why you need to choose suitable suppliers that will be able to deliver the products to every country you target. Also, when choosing suppliers, make sure their shipping options include tracking information that can be used to track the movement of products.

Consider Choosing Suppliers Close to Your Customers

The truth is, the longer the shipping time, the more questions from your clients you have, and when the questions are getting too much, doubt begins to set in the mind of your customers. Some are impatient and could be a real pain in the neck.

Well, you can’t blame them. Can you? To avoid this, you should work towards reducing the delivery time by choosing suppliers who store their products in the countries you target or in the neighboring states.

There you have it! Above are the essential things you need to know about international dropshipping. You have seen how effective market research could be a lifesaver, and likewise, effective payment gateway, effective customer service, and how getting everything right with the suppliers is essential!

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