8 Amazing Tips to Improve Ecommerce Product Photography

September 30, 2021 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Undoubtedly we buy the things that attract us. Often we decide to purchase a product when we find the product visually appealing. That’s why focusing on your product image is vital if you want to generate more sales. Product images are meant to serve a purpose; they attract potential buyers and stimulate them into buying a product. The products on your ecommerce website should be able to arouse positive emotions in your visitors as happy visitors can become potential buyers. It can be tempting to go through the easiest way to take photographs of your product.

Many e-commerce store owners are usually overwhelmed with a long list of priorities, so they assume spending time on getting a perfect product photograph editing photos may be a waste of time. However, it’s advisable to get a professional photographer if you don’t have a flair for photographs. If you’re interested in taking the shots yourself, here are eight amazing tips to improve e-commerce product photography:

Use High-Quality Product Images

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a product online, but you could zoom in on the image, you all understand how frustrating it can be; it can even make you slow down on your purchasing decision. The truth is, high-quality images can influence your customer’s purchasing decisions; they would buy the product with a clearer image. So you should focus on taking quality product photos with good lighting to make the product more visually appealing.

Use a White Background

If you observe, you’ll notice that most e-commerce product photographs are taken on a white background. Even some online marketplaces such as Google Shopping require that products on their marketplace are taken on a white background. Why is this so? This is because white background creates a central focus around the product, minimizes distractions, and emanates a sense of consistency.

Additionally, it serves aesthetic purposes by giving your product a cleaner and professional look. You can use a shooting tent or curved backdrop to get rid of the shadows and remove sharp angles, which can make the product look too bright.

Don’t Neglect the Lighting

If you’re a fan of selfies, you’ll probably understand the importance of lighting when taking photographs; this also works with product photography. Lighting can enhance your product and make it attractive to website visitors; lighting can give you that product photo that can generate sales.

Most products look better when taken under a natural light setting, and it even produces better results when the light is evenly distributed around the product. You can also employ artificial lighting methods such as backdrop with reflectors and umbrellas or a DIY lightbox; try with or without flash and use the one with the best result.

Mind the Shadows

After putting in efforts to minimize the background distractions, you wouldn’t want the product’s shadow to be a distraction. It’s better to try a Mirror Effect if you want the image to look more polished. If you don’t want shadow overcast on the product image, you can use a flash diffuser. Having a softer shadow look with a polished result should be the goal.

Use a Support Platform

Depending on the product, using a support platform to display the product can make it look more “catchy.” For instance, if the product is flat, you can use a stand or a placid display ornament to support and lift it. For clothing items, jewelry, or hair extensions, you can use a mannequin to give customers an idea of what the product would look like on them.

Take Multiple Shots from Different Angles

Although products may vary in size, shape, color, and form, generally, it’s vital to take multiple shots from different angles. For instance, if it’s a TV you sell, customers would want to see how flat it is and the several ports on the TV. You can experiment with the different to see which angle would capture your customers’ attention the most. It’s okay to mix things up and track the results to know which product image performs produces better results. Track your customer engagement levels would help you determine the best photo to use as your “featured image.”

Use a Comprehensive Product Description

Having gone through the hassle of taking multiple product photos, you’ll need to provide information about the product. Even though pictures may give customers an idea of what they want, it won’t just hurt to add descriptions of the product. If you’re not particular about what to write, you can check the descriptions of similar products on online marketplaces to give you an idea. Product information can help customers decide if they want to buy or not.

Be Consistent

Even though it’s okay to try a few different photo formats, consistency is vital. Having a central product photo style that links the products together looks better than the images looking like you randomly picked them from the internet. Avoid excess pixelated images, loud backgrounds, and too many different shapes. Products images should stimulate positive impressions rather than critical thoughts when they come across the product.


There you have it! Above are some amazing tips to improve e-commerce product photography. Online customers are not able to feel or experience the products themselves. It’s the product’s appearance that attracts them they would want to buy. So you should prioritize product images and create photos that can attract sales.

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