2019 Shopify Dropshipping Review

December 22, 2019 eCommerce Tips

Many entrepreneurs, especially those just getting started with an online store, often ask which e-commerce platform is best suited for them. Well, the answer is not far fetched. Shopify offers all the functionality that you may need. Let’s take a look!

What is Dropshipping?

Imagine an online store where you don’t have to carry any inventory; almost all the process is done while you just sit down and watch. Dropshipping is a business model in which store owners or e-commerce entrepreneurs sell products without having to carry any inventory.

The process flow of dropshipping involves the store owner receiving an order from the customer – then the store owner contacts the supplier – the supplier who will then ship the manufactured products directly to the customer. It seems less tasking, right?

What is Shopify?

Now, talking about the e-commerce platform that you can start your store with, this is where Shopify comes in.  Shopify is the lead when it comes to e-commerce platforms, and it enables entrepreneurs to start their online store with little or no experience.  It is the answer for entrepreneurs who want to build or launch their e-commerce store without any hassle whatsoever.

Dropshipping with Shopify

There are various wags to sell with Shopify, and one of them is dropshipping. As said earlier, you don’t have to carry any inventory when it comes to dropshipping. No worries about storing your cargo or shipping, as the supplier will do all these for you.

There aren’t so many CRM tools that are useful for supporting dropshipping. But, luckily, Shopify can. Why?  It offers a wide range of dropshipping apps that can help you find and sell your products. Many people have claimed that Shopify is the best option for dropshipping.

Why is Shopify that Good?

There are other e-commerce platforms or solutions out there that allow for dropshipping. Shopify, however, seems to be the best. Are you wondering why?  Well, here you go! 

  • Simple to use: It actually turns out to be one of the most user-friendly e-commerce and CRM solutions on the market. It’s packed with functionality, and it is easy to use. You can also turn to an expert should you need any help.
  •  Fully packed: Shopify is fully packed with solutions that enable easy communication between a store owner and suppliers. One popular option is Oberlo – which is a dedicated dropshipping app designed to work exclusively with Shopify.
  •  Great Features: You can expect excellent features with Shopify, as it comes with everything you may need to create a perfect e-commerce business. What’s more? You get solutions to manage your payments, marketing, shipping methods, and many more.
  •  It’s Extensible: You might want to add new features to your Shopify solution; luckily, there’s an entire marketplace dedicated to apps.

Shopify Themes and Design

We have talked about how excellent Shopify features could be; one of the areas where Shopify really excels at is its themes and design. It offers professional-looking themes, from which you can choose from, for your store. It is worth knowing that there are free themes on Shopify, as well as nicer ones, which are paid themes.

After getting these themes, you can then go on to use the template editor to edit or customize the theme to your taste. What’s more?  Do you have your copy of theme you would like to upload? You can also do that by going to the theme page and using the Upload Theme button.

Mobile App Enhancement

It’s 2019! Another great feature of Shopify is the ability to manage most of your operations from the mobile app.  The app is supported on both iPhone and Android, as is available in English and Dutch. From taking and uploading products photo to fulfilling orders and receiving notifications. Here are some of the tasks you can do on the app:

  •       Take and upload product photos.
  •       Editing of products details.
  •       Fulfilling orders
  •       Offering refunds
  •       Viewing real-time traffic of your store
  •       Receiving order notifications
  •       And many more.


Inventory management is an integral part of any business. Remember how we said you don’t have to carry any inventory? Yes!  Shopify has got you covered in this area. To add inventory to your store, use the Products tab in the sidebar of your dashboard to be taken to the inventory page.

The inventory tab features all the items in your store, all organized in a clean and manageable manner. The product page also offers several options for things like SEO, shipping, and the imagery that users are going to see when landing on this product page.

Optimization and Marketing

Imagine having a fantastic store with no traffic; it will definitely affect sales. However, Shopify offers excellent features for both SEO and marketing, as the built-in Search Engine Optimization features take care of the visibility and traffic of your store. Your site will easily be found on all major search engines.

Customer Support

Should you find yourself in need of any support, Shopify has one of the best customer services in the industry. With their 24/7 full customer support, chat, and email support, you can be sure of getting your problems solved.

What’s more? Shopify offers access to a sizeable support system such as user forums, tutorials, and more directly through their website. Also, with their e-commerce university, users can have access to loads of e-books, videos, webinars, and guides on running their stores.

There you have it! Above is a comprehensive review of Shopify dropshipping store. From the brief introduction – to why Shopify seems to be the best e-commerce platform right now – to the various attributes and features of this e-commerce platform. It shows the efficient and effective operations one may experience with a Shopify dropshipping store. 

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