10 Great Customer Service Tips to Delight Shoppers and Keep Your Customers Coming Back

May 25, 2020 eCommerce Tips

You may have the best website in terms of functionality, design, and all. However, without customers pulling out their credit card to purchase your products, it’s all for nothing. This says a lot about how customers are vital for every business, and the need to make sure you offer the best customer service to your customer.

Excellent customer service cannot be overemphasized. It’s key to every business, and it’s what keeps those customers coming back to you. If their experience with your customer service was a bad one, they sure aren’t going to come back. Let’s take a look at some great customer service tips to delight your customers.

Stay in Touch

There are white spaces to be filled between the sale point, and the next transaction. You need to devote resources to continuing to build relationships between you and your customers. Always stay in touch by sending them incentives, wishes, and regular communication like email newsletters. Note: the rate by which you communicate shouldn’t be too much too.

Invite Your Customers to A VIP Sale

VIP sale is a nice idea to make your customers feel as a part of your business. It shows how much you valued them. Believe me, if they feel valued and part of your business, they’ll always come back to do more business or purchases. After a customer has purchased from your store, you could add them to a VIP list. Later, you could host an exclusive sale tagged VIP Sale, and contact these customers to come for a discounted exclusive sale.

Give Them First Access to Certain Products

To lay more emphasis on the tip above, you could create a private link on your store that doesn’t appear in your navigation a few days before making it public. What’s more? You can even mention that the link is exclusive to your VIP customers and that for no one else. The link will contain access for your VIPs to first test your new products and to review them so they can rave about it online.

Sending Holiday and Birthday Cards

All those little gestures like birthday cards can actually mean a lot to some people. It’s a nice customer service idea that you need to try out if you haven’t been doing it. Every year, your customers have their birthdays. You can leverage a customer service app like Happy Birthday Email, which collects your customers’ birthdays and sends an automated email out on their special day.

Fix Complaints

Mistakes are bound to happen, even in business. Delays can happen. However, when they are getting too much, then there’s a problem. If the complaints are about the quality of the same product more than 2, or 3 times, then change your supplier. Whatever the complaints are, always make sure you fix them ASAP or even solve these problems before they know it.

Like and Share Their Posts

Not all shoppers will shop and then go raving about your products on their social media accounts. So, if you get one, then appreciate them by giving them the praise that they deserve. If a customer is wearing your product or posting a picture with it, an excellent customer service tip is to like their post and share it on your social accounts and tag them in the post.

Keep the Experience Fresh and Relevant.

You need to give your shoppers a reason to shop with you again. To do this, you can continue to whet and improve your offerings – and let them know what’s new, changes, and updates about a particular product or services related to what they’ve purchased before.

Have the Right People in Your Customer Service.

This is quite simple. If you want to delight your customers, you need to provide an excellent service; and most times, this will depend on the person your customers interact with. This is why you need to make sure that you have qualified and experienced people on your team.

Make Your Return & Exchange Experience Smooth

Reports have it that about 83% of customers review the merchant’s return policy before making a purchase. The truth is there’s always a risk, no matter how small, that the item delivered may not be what they expected. So, if this happens, the return policy should be as smooth as possible. If it isn’t, chances are they are not going to come back.

Show Your Appreciation

Expressing gratitude can actually delight your customers and keep them coming back. A simple, heartfelt thank you will do, and you can even take it a step further by sending a thank you note or a special reward to them for being part of your business.

There you have it! No business can thrive without customers. As an entrepreneur, your customers are even the biggest part of your success story. This is why it is always important to go the extra mile to deliver quality services and outstanding customer experience. By following the tips provided above, you can delight your shopper and entice them to keep patronizing your business.

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